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Tuition & Payments

We understand that selecting a childcare provider for your precious little one(s) is a big decision, and there are several variables that will affect the cost of tuition:

  • Number of children enrolled

  • Age of children

  • Days per week

  • Hours per day


Please call us to discuss your family situation and allow us the opportunity to provide you with a quote tailored to your family and specific needs. We are also available to discuss tuition assistance programs that may be available.


Reserve your child's spot for 1 week by paying a $30 enrollment fee (not refundable).

Tuition can be paid monthly or weekly. It is due on the first Monday of the month if paid monthly or the first Monday of each week by 6:00pm. If payment is not made by 6:00pm, there will be a $5.00 late fee added for each week the tuition is late.


We offer multiple methods of paying for your convenience:


  • Cash

  • Check made payable to: A Child’s Place

  • Debit ($3 convenience fee)

  • Credit ($3 convenience fee)


  • Bank Draft

  • Debit ($3 convenience fee)

  • Credit ($3 convenience fee)

Child Care Assistance Program

Parents participating in the Child Care Assistance Program should be aware of the following:


Parents receiving assistance are responsible for $5-$25 per week per child in addition to any co-pay you might have. This covers the tuition amount that the maximum childcare assistance amount will not cover. If you have no co-pay, you must still pay $5-$25 week per child.

If your co-pay lapses two weeks, we must report this to your childcare worker. This can result in your assistance being terminated


The child assistance program limits the amount of days your child can miss each month. Each child has a total of 5 days that they can miss per month. After these days are used, you must contact your childcare worker and indicate why your child isn’t able to attend, and you must write an excuse for us to send with the billing. In some cases, if the state determines that your child has had too many unexcused absences throughout the month, you will be asked by the state to pay your child’s full tuition amount.

Child Care Tax Credit

Under current federal law, eligible families can claim child care tax credits up to:

  • $2,100 from the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (up to $1,050 for each of your first two children; the exact amount depends on your income and actual child care expenses);

  • $1,000 per child from the federal Child Tax Credit; and

  • $5,657 from the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. (The exact amount depends on your income)

For more information on tax information for parents, visit:

Year-End Statement


A Child’s Place will provide you with a digital year-end statement when it becomes available. This statement is meant to assist with your income tax preparation and information contained within the statement should reflect your personal records (check copies, receipts and other information) to determine the appropriate amounts of dependent care when preparing your tax return.


Visit to learn more about dependent care expenses when preparing your tax return.

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